Monday, December 31, 2012

Patrullax resin rats and brain surgeons!!!

Artist Manny aka Patrullax just sent us word that he has 3 releases coming up... in fact they are all dropping on January 2nd at 12(noon)PST... The first is his Radioactive Rats. This is a 3 part resin figure with the embedded rat skull being Glow in the Dark. It's limited to 4 with 1 Purple/blue(gid) Chase. They come in custom box for just $25+ shipping. The second is the Oil Spill. This is a 2 part resin figure. Limited to just 3 pieces, comes in a custom box, and is going to retail for $20+ shipping!

Lastly is the second installment of his "Brain Surgeon" figure... a sweet little custom made from vinyl, resin, plastic, metal, enamel, and acrylic. Comes packaged in a handmade blister card, is limited to 3 pieces and will retail for just $35!!! Head on over to his online store HERE to scope it out!

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