Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taylored Curiosities's "Tea Feelings" Teaser! Get ready for the cute!

Penny Taylor, better known as Taylored Curiosities, is taking her love of tea and her skill at plush making to deliver something quite unique: introducing "Tea Feelings." Using an actual vintage tea cup as the base, Taylor then makes a 'tea mixture' out of resin and layers of natural aromatherapy additives (like rose petals for love, orange slices for energy, etc), and anywhere between one and three of her little plush creatures will be bathing within. I think these are super adorable and quite possibly a must own item for that tea drinker in your life.
Taylor is only able to make these as she finds tea cups to use, so keep checking her etsy store for them. Price point is unspecified, but I'll assume it will vary depending on the size and amount of work put in.