Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toy2R is Jason Freeny Crazy... and why not?!?!?!?!

It's just one announcement after another from the folks over at Toy2R as they have been dropping teasers of the artists involved in their new 36" Qee artists series... and today they are proud to say that Jason Freeny is on board with this literally MASSIVE project. He joins the ranks of Jon-Paul Kaiser, Emilio Garcia, and David Horvath for the lineup... but that's not all, as Toy2R has other big news that involves this master of anatomy!

After what seems to be many years, Toy2R is thrilled to finally announce the release of Jason Freeny’s 7" Visible Qee that actually has spot on detail including the actual artist sculpt the Qee innards... RAD! These figures are set to drop later this year for only $80 a piece... and will come in 2 colorways, the OG and a really slick glow in the dark! I am really happy to see these finally come out, and I am sure a ton of you... including Jason, are stoked as well!

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