Friday, March 11, 2011

*RECAP* Super7 x Datarock In-Store performance

Just last night Norwegian Electro Rock band Datarock stopped into the Super7 for an impromptu in-store acoustic set, and just like the majority of the events in San Francisco we had help with the coverage by SF resident and SS.com field corespondent DrilOne as he took all the photos and the video of Datatock performing their single "Catcher and the Rye" that you see in this post.

One of the exciting events from last night was the unveiling of the Brian Flynn designed Data Rock Soft-Vinyl Diamond figure... and as you can see Fredrik Saroea, singer of the band, sure likes the taste of soft vinyl... or was he just checking to see if it was a real diamond?!?! Either way that short squaty figure doubles as a container that has a tiny USB Storage Drive in it that has songs, photos, and videos! Now this was just on display and not for sale seeing as it's set to release next Friday, March 18th, at 12 noon PST. Big thanks to Dril for the photos and video and for more pics, hit the jump for a full photo slide show!