Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leecifer's customs for "Contemporary Figurative Modifications" @ Toy Art Gallery 4/02/2011

For the opening of the Toy Art Gallery 6-man group show titled "Contemporary Figurative Modifications"... which by the way opens this Saturday, April 2nd, 2011, artist Leecifer went above and beyond, just like he does for all the shows he is in, by creating a plethora of customs! He tackled all kinds of figures including Rose Vampires, Honoo's, a Sharky, Pointman, he even did a collab on Bob Conge's "BankAmerica" figure, not to mention a whole bunch of Honoo paintings! On top of all that you see above this show is also going to feature new works by Bob Conge of Plaseebo, Brent Nolasco, Jim Koch, TaskOne, and NERVISWR3K.This is going to be an amazing show, so be sure if you in the LA area to swing by and see all this amazing work in person!

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