Saturday, August 29, 2009

Paper Gansta fromThunder Panda

Eric Wirjamta aka ThunderPanda just finished a new series of awesome papertoy characters, and this series is called PAPER GANGSTA! Now this rad series consists of 7 characters all having different personalities...

Smoking Ace: the leader, an ex boxing champion with one arm bigger than the other because of a malpractice of steroid injection.
Gina Claws: a lady with pair of crab's claw. she joins the gang after Smoking Ace ask her to join. Without clear purpose.
Pink Moe: a piece of meat that loves emos, but because of his the weakest sometime used as bait for the enemy. and often bullied by the other, mostly by Horror Time.
Robord: a robot with soul of samurai.
El Scorcho: a luchador that originally from South East Asia, that choose a new path as part of a world dominator gang.

...and two more members that currently away, and don't have money to return back home, so if you can... help them get back home :-)

Horror Time: A skull that listening to the Misfits, Bauhaus and other horror band. And he can steal your soul.
Grmblllood: a mutant from dirty sewer that adopted by Smoking Ace.

The first five characters are available for free download HERE, but the last two will be available after Eric gets some donations of a small or big sum of money, so they can go back home. Hope you all can understand. :)