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"Meltdown" Janky & Guggimon vinyl figures from Superplastic!

Designed by Superplastic's synthetic celebrities & toy designers, Janky & Guggimon, (actually by some talented folks behind the scenes, let's be real here) the Lil' Helpers "Meltdown" is a groundbreaking addition to the Helpers line... and honestly, one of the coolest vinyl releases this year, IMHO. These distorted figures expose the bones and guts of Superplastics beloved demonic companions.
Lil’ Helpers Meltdown is the perfect emotional support toy for when you just can't even... Let them have the meltdown for you! This bundle is a must-have for anyone navigating life's challenges or dealing with a difficult "Karen." Don't miss adding these melted mischief-makers to your collection. Each stands an impressive 15" tall and you can grab the set HERE right now for $280 a pop OR if you prefer 1 over the other, they are $150 each! Limited quantities available... so go grab them asap!

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