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Jermaine Rogers announces the release of his 'CHOICES: The VeVe Collection' vinyl series!

So this week, artist Jermaine Rogers just announced that he will be dropping the CHOICES VeVe vinyl figs online... and the 'CHOICES: The VeVe Collection' is looking quite amazing! It's a LEAP YEAR! Join JR on 'Leap Day' Thursday, Feb. 29th for the long anticipated online release of the 'CHOICES: The Veve Collection' Vinyl Figures! 5 new figures, showcasing the colorways from the historic first VeVe x Jermaine Rogers digital figure release in 2021. Only 250 of each figure were produced: an allotted quantity were 'preview' released at DesignerCon 2023... and now, as promised, JR will be releasing these figures for online sales (while supplies last) on JermaineRogers.com! These limited edition Designer Vinyl figures go onsale this Thursday, Feb. 29th at 3PM EST (12 NOON PT).
THE PROTECTOR - Little bunny has put aside fear and cowardice. An alert mind and focused eyes are necessary to protect the fluffle. What’s a ‘fluffle’? Why that’s a group of bunnies, of course. Family comes first! So don’t try anything sketchy: bunny is watching!
THE ASSASSIN - You had significant choices to make…and you chose poorly. Now, there are consequences. Your debts must be paid. Little Bunny is on your trail.
THE NIGHTWATCH - In the pale moonlight, shadows grow together to hide a variety of threats. Bunny’s eyes peer into the darkness, ever focused and ready. It’s going to be a long night.
THE HUNTER - Bunny is comfortable in the weeds. Bunny has patience. Bunny sees you before you see them. When the time is right…
LUCKY - Little Bunny is as good as gold! Your health and wealth will be untold!

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