Trexii 20th Anniversary re-launch campaign... and there is a STROLL!!!

Trexi is the first Singaporean designer canvas toy, born in Singapore and manufactured in 2004. In 2024, Trexi will commemorate turning 20 years old. They designated it Trexii (double "i") and re-engineered the figure to a new shape, retaining the characteristic and neat "rotating head" function, to give it a fresh appearance. Trexii, the most recent name, represented its progress into a new generation... and along with many others, I was asked to be in this series so you know I had to do a Stroll! 
For more information about Trexii, visit their official website at www.trexii.sg or follow them at Instagram @trexiisg. To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, together with 20 international artists, designers, and brands, Trexii is launching a Trexii 20th Anniversary Series on Kickstarter that consists of:

3inch Blind Box Series One
3inch Blank White
10inch Blank White
3inch & 10inch Chrome (Multi-colour Edition)
10inch Wood (Wenge Edition)

3inch Blind Box Series One — List of Artists/Designers/Brands and Showing all 20 designers (in alphabetical orders):

Adam G, USA
Akinori Oishi, Japan
Alec Ling, Singapore
Ariel Tagliaferro, Argentina
Cher Ling, Singapore
Diego Lizán, Spain
Flying Förtress, Germany
Howie Green, USA
Jeremy "MAD" Madl, USA
Martian Toys, USA
Miracle-kun, Japan
Mori Wang, China
Nick Öhlo, Italy
Playful Gorilla, USA
Ruben Enriquez, USA
Shin Tanaka, Japan
Spankystokes, USA
Tenacious Toys, USA
Trampt, USA

This all happens on Saturday, January 27th - mark the link HERE to be sure you know exactly when this campaign launches! 

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