Short Drop Studios unveils 'Notorious B.A.T.' - a heroic debut in the art toy scene!

Short Drop Studios, the innovative new force in the art toy industry, proudly announced its entry into the scene with a preview of Notorious B.A.T. at DesignerCon 2023. This 12-inch masterpiece marks the studio's inaugural creation, introducing a new hero to the creative universe. When the iconic microphone symbol glows in the night sky, Notorious B.A.T. takes to the streets, spreading love and positive vibes throughout the cherished borough of Brooklyn. The sculpture showcases the Blue Bat colorway, familiar to the original Caped Crusader, featuring a vibrant blue hue for its cape and mask, complemented by striking yellow accents that illuminate the 'BKLYN' emblem proudly displayed across the chest. Adding to its unique charm, a utility belt pays homage to a classic lyric from the "nicest Emcee."
The Notorious B.A.T. strikes a dynamic pose, capturing the essence of both action and lyrical prowess simultaneously, making it a standout addition to any art toy collection. Limited to just 100 pieces, each Notorious B.A.T. is meticulously crafted to ensure its uniqueness and collectible value. Once a Short Drop Studios design is dropped, it won’t be released again.

Product Details:
- Product Name: Notorious B.A.T.
- Size: 12 inches
- Material: Resin
- Release Date: Thursday, January 18
- Price: $250

Notorious B.A.T. will be available for purchase exclusively via Hip Hop Toyz's online store HERE - so be sure to join Short Drop Studios in celebrating the launch of Notorious B.A.T. and stay tuned for more exciting creations from this emerging creative powerhouse.

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