Hear me out... what if Pinocchio was a girl?!? Artist Juce Gace answers that question with his "A Boobs Awakening" art toy!

French artist Juce Gace once again brings forth an eye-catching and innovative artwork in collaboration with TOYZEROPLUS, unveiling "A Boobs Awakening." Many people may recall his vinyl figure commonly known as the " A Wood Awakening " and this latest vinyl figure reinterprets the familiar " A Wood Awakening " image, drawing an inspiration from the changes in the female body, delivering a stunning visual experience to the industry.
The story of "A Boobs Awakening" revolves around a little puppet who yearns to become a real woman. One evening, the puppet makes a wish, hoping for her dream to come true. Unexpectedly, when she wakes up in the morning, she discovers that she has indeed transformed into a woman, with a boobs awakening. What a wood surprise, her dream was granted! She lived happily ever after. This unique and amusing concept is presented to the audience, conveying the message that we should hold onto hope, as surprises can occur when we least expect them. Let us maintain an open mindset, believing in miracles and opportunities. Life's surprises often hide within the most ordinary moments. Standing over 9" tall, this is available HERE right now for $170 a pop!

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