From the walls and streets of NYC... Robots Will Kill 7" figure by Chris RWK!

Clutter is super excited to bring you a brand new figure release in collaboration with renowned street artist Chris RWK - Robots Will Kill! Bringing this iconic Robot figure to life in 3Dimensions has been in the works for a few years, so you might have seen some sneak peeks along the way!
When working on such a well-known character, Clutter wanted to ensure they got it as close to the 2d images as they could! To keep the look of the skinny arms and legs, they opted to produce this figure in ABS injection molded plastic. This hard plastic will not bend over time like softer vinyl options and keeps the feel of robot fingers and antenna. To launch this Iconic figure there are two designs and two ways to buy!
First up the super limited Be Still My Heart Edition! Robots Will Kill - Icons "Be Still My Heart" by ChrisRWK. The first Clutter exclusive release will be this amazing ICONS colorway - "Be Still My Heart!" each figure stands at 7.5" tall, is limited to just 50 pieces per figure and will be priced at $200 for the set or $100 - arms down / $115 - holding sign. Set to drop HERE on Wednesday, December 6th, at 9am PST
The "Home is Where the Heart is"- Retailer Edition Robots Will Kill - is only available via some of our favorite brick-and-mortar designer toy locations! Available to purchase as a set or Individually! Each figure stands at 7.5" tall and is limited to 100 pieces per figure. Each store has very limited inventory so don't snooze! Artoyz - Paris • &gallery - Arizona • Rotofugi - Chicago • MyPlasticHeart - Brooklyn, New York • Newtown HQ - New York • WootBear - San Fransisco. The point of articulation on this figure is at the neck for the to move head, please note, that the feet do not move. The sign is reversible, but take extra care when removing the sign so as not to snap the fingers.

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