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Satanic Symphony: Baphomet in 'Monochrome Madness' Kickstarter campaign is here!

Up for backing on Kickstarter starting TODAY - Get ready to embark on a devilishly delightful journey back to the golden age of animation with Toy Villain and Nemons' latest creation, the Baphomet Devil! This Kickstarter campaign invites fans of classic 1930s rubberhose animation to be a part of something truly extraordinary. This highly detailed vinyl art toy so fiendishly charming it's destined to enthrall one and all. Behold, the 7-inch (177.8mm) tall unholy rubber hose baphomet, a symbol of our ceaseless striving for Global World Domination! Starting at $100 in the lowest tier, and up to $1000, there is a tier to pledge for anyone! Head on over HERE right now to help back this campaign so it comes to life!

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