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Slingshot Supply Co. announces the release of Krazy Eyes 'SDT' & Garga-Fink 'SDT'!

Dolls and action figures dominate the toy industry with approximately 29% of the market share... Krazy Eyes finally returns for his second outing in the STD pendant scale, joined by a super-limited batch of the elusive [OG Ver.] STD Garga Fink from Slingshot Supply Co.! Krazy Eyes in the "Neon Nightmare" edition stands 3.75" tall, has 1 point of articulation, and is crafted in clear neon pink sofubi with electric blue, orange and white sprays. Each comes packed with header art by Dirk Hays along with a Holographic sticker, booklet and marble... for $62 a pop!
Garga-Fink 'SDT' in what is being called the "OG" edition stands 4.S" tall, has 3 points of articulation, and is crafted in peach flesh sofubi with brown, white and yellow sprays with logo decal detail. They come packed with header art by Hankey Kong along with a LFFC bandana, sticker and marble... for $95 a pop! This all goes down HERE on Friday, June 30th at 8am PST when the "Entry Form" button goes live. Get your entries in before Sunday, July 2nd at 8am PST... and if applications exceed stock, a lottery will be held to determine successful applicants. Winners will be notified by Monday, June 5th with invoices to be paid 48 hours after receipt.

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