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New from Mighty Jaxx: Shadowed Samurai by Rob Bowyer!

Enter the world of Rob Bowyer where characters wander through their world in a depressing limbo of aimless isolation. Shadowed Samurai, a 10-inch polystone art toy, produced by Mighty Jaxx, captures the intricate details of Rob’s distinctive art style—from the meticulously sculpted features to the artful play of shadows.
Embarking on a solitary odyssey, his journey mirrors the depths of human emotion. In the quietude of his isolation, he roams through an ethereal world, accompanied only by the echoes of his own thoughts. With each step, he confronts the undeniable truth of death itself, standing resolute in the face of its chilling embrace. It gets better. pick one up via pre-order HERE this Saturday, June 17th at 6am PST for $199 a pop, dont miss out on this epic release!

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