Winzi Art Toys... "Why Blue?" whimsical vinyl figures!

They go by the name Winzi... "Art toys. They have that indescribable something that capture my soul. It’s impossible for me to explain my toys, they are so unexplainable, magical, mystical and above all just powerfully beautiful – you have to feel them. My Winzi’s represent (for me) an inner triumph, they are my turbulent peace. I hope they will be able to provide, at least, some of that to you as well. We strive to touch people through the Winzis’ purity and delicacy while hoping that the Winzi’s can provide some ray of light (or at least some companion in the darkness)." A story I think alot of us can relate to... or at least have the world of designer toys evoke similar emotions.
The Winsi’s are delicate designer toys, standing 4" tall, 100 pieces of each character... The color pallet is made of various shades of blue with a dash of vibrant pink (the two extremities of the color scale (mood wise). The series is called why blue and each of the 3 figures comes in a printed Box with a certificate of authenticity. Choose "DON'T MIND THE CLOUDS", "KEEP FLOATING ON AIR", or "THE WHEELS TURN" for just $60 each... or you can bundle all 3 toys for $160! The 3 characters may seem similar to one another but if you look closely you will notice that each type has some slightly different features. Each Winzi carries within them a meaning of transportation, a safety helmet and some “breaking the symmetry” object/design. Can you tell what it is? Head on over HERE now to grab them for your collection and follow them on Instagram for up to date releases!

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