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The “Florida Man & Dog” Series (Wave 1) vinyl figures from Crummydog Toys!

Kyle Thornton aka Crummydog of Crummydog Toys sent over info about his very first designer vinyl toy... of should I say, his first wave, as there is not just one figure. Introducing the “Florida Man & Dog” Series (Wave 1)... a hilarious spin on what most perceive the fabled "Florida Man" to be. "Legend has it, a Florida Man once broke into a zoo to befriend and steal their prized opossum. Through the power of friendship - and with the help of Florida Man's special "potions" - they fought their way through every zoo animal. They remain the undefeated Tag Team Champions of the Intergalactic Zoo Fighting Alliance." - in all honesty, that's exactly what I picture when I hear stories about "Florida Man"!
These soft vinyl toys are sold as a pair (man and dog), come with their own unique backstory, and are just under 6" tall (hair-to-foot) or long (snout-to-tail). Each are hand-painted by creator, Crummydog, and are limited to 4 editions which range in cost from $69.99-$75 a pop, those editions are as follows: “Classic” Edition (6x), “Brief-Wearing Bandit” Edition (11x), "Foxy in Denim” Edition (4x), "Miami Glow" Edition (3x)! These are up for grabs HERE right now... so don't delay, add a little bit of awesome to your collection today!

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