"The Jaguar" vinyl hanging bust by Ink Visuals... debuting at Designer Con 2022!

"The Jaguar alebrije, Also known as the Majestic beast of the jungle, is a silent protector of all who needs protection, alebrije are our spiritual creatures that have elements from different animals. They guide and protect both living and those who have passed on. Specifically, they guide individuals throughout life, then bring spirits from the living world to the spirit world, where they guide them throughout their peace or next chapter of the living as they are reborn." This figure was created in aztec gold by Robert “Ink Visuals” Ramirez as a representation of the everlasting protection of the jaguar alebrije, the Jaguar has many characteristics that make it unique they have a third eye to help see evil spirits coming, are the protectors of the jungle and it’s inhabitants, and are the sole protectors of the Sun pyramid of teotihuacan, legend has it that possession of such figure in a home will help guide those around it and watch over them throughout their life time and beyond.
These are a pre-order Dcon exclusive of 25 of the gold and for the first time ever 20 custom figure orders. Retailing for $200 for the non custom GOLD (25 pieces) / $400 for custom (20 pieces), these will debut at Dcon booth #227... and each pre-order will come with a 8"x8" print (-25 regular prints -20 hand embellished prints for the custom orders)! The remaining run of these figures will drop in his online store after the convention, and how cool is it that these actually come with the hardware to hang on the wall.

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