DKE Toys at DesignerCon 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center!!!

DKE Toys will be exhibiting at DesignerCon 2022, an in-person event, November 18-20. The DKE Toys booth (#2727) will be set up at the Anaheim Convention Center. No DKE warehouse, no Zoom, just Dov back in the booth. They will be offering all exclusives for sale online FIRST at 12 NOON PACIFIC on Friday November 11th. Anything not sold out will be taken to the show.
DKE will have over 35 exclusive releases, from artists including: 1980who, Aloud Spacelab, Buzzard Guts, Camote Toys, ChickenBurgerDisco, Scott Wilkowski x Suckadelic, Dead Greedy x Paulitoy, Delicious Again Peter, Doublehead, Edwin Salas, Fatoh / Kidding Toy, Folklore Industries x General Porpoise, Joshua's Toybox,King Spider Toys, Kosmo Toys, Legion Toys, Lou Pimentel, Luke Chueh, Magoob Toys, Maizart, Mark Todd, Martin Ontiveros, Mike Egan, Mr. Dan Productions, Nim Studios, Joshua D Hoaglund, Punk and Pop Toys, Ron English, Scott C., Terrible Toyworks, Trill Studio, Whistling Pony, Yoyodyne Toy Division, Yucko Toys, and more... In addition, they'll have two mini art shows. Vintage Gold by Lou Pimentel features hand painted watercolor cardbacks. Each original watercolor has a vintage toy mounted on the front and retail ranges from $250-$500 each. Also come see The Autobiography of Doublehead by Doublehead, a signed and numbered edition of 20 hand drawn card backs with a hand cast resin figure attached. $50 each.
Additionally, every year DesignerCon organizes events and aesthetics around an important pop-culture theme. For this edition of DCON, the expo celebrates "Out of Order" with an art show, curated by Carmen “Jane Dope” Acosta. DKE Toys was asked to curate a selection of hand made action figure editions to be included in the main art show, featuring vintage video game themes from Pong through Nintendoh. Over 20 artists created small editions.

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