Master9Eyes Returns for Collection 3 with an Incredible Artist Collaboration!

The famous designer toy Master9Eyes (M9E) has been bridging the gap between high quality designer toy collectables and high-quality digital art collectables in NFT form. The latest collection to come in July features the incredible Daytoner collaborating on the new design with Crack The Toy! This newest addition to the collections features the iconic M9E with all new textures and a graffiti/street art style. The fusion of Daytoner, a 3d artist, and Crack! A predominantly 2d artist has led to incredible new M9E digital NFT’s which would never have been possible without this collaboration of skill, style and creativity.

Collection 3 is coming July and there is ample opportunity to get your hands on a piece as well as ways of winning free M9E physical toys (some exclusive for holders of the digital art pieces). If you are a big fan of Daytoner or Crack the Toy, or simply love to collect and want more information about the project, you can have a look here: Twitter handle: @Master9Eyes • Official Website: www.Master9Eyes.com • Make sure to join their Discord for the latest announcements on all things M9E: Discord.gg/Master9Eyes.

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