'Hellboy' Grum Reapur released from artist Brad 'Grum Reapur' Rumble!

"Hellboy is one of my favourite comic book heroes, he is the perfect balance between the light and the dark and a perfect analogy of keeping the darkness within at bay. Naturally it was only a matter of time before I made a Hellboy themed Grum Reapur toy and now is the time." Artist Brad 'Grum Reapur' Rumble went to town on his resin cast figure for this one... sculpted using a polyurethane base and carved into to create the depth of the cracks similar to the ones found on Hellboys Right hand of Doom, with additional layers of epoxy clay added to create the rocky texture surrounding the cracks. This was then hand painted in multiple stages, adding layers of inkwash for distressed red outcome! Measuring 4" around and limited to 15 pieces worldwide, you can snag on up HERE right now for £140($175) a pop!

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