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Master9Eyes has Bridged the Physical World into the Digital World!

The iconic M9E designer toys designed by Daytoner and produced by Purearts have recently bridged the gap between physical toy and NFT Art. With a community focus this new NFT project is releasing 9 collections of 999 unique NFT’s designed by Daytoner. The first collection featured M9E sporting large fluffy jackets. The second collection broke the boundaries of physical production limitations by showing all different types of transparencies, even showing what is underneath the M9E’s jacket. The project is set to release its third collection in May of this year and the 999 NFT’s this time are a collaboration between Crack! The Toy and Daytoner.

Unique to this project is a collectable mechanism that rewards holders who hold one NFT from each of the 9 collections. At the end of the 9 collections if you have matching traits, you can expect incredible rewards such as custom 1/1 art pieces by Daytoner or even physical pieces. If you are a big fan of Daytoner or love to collect and want more information about the project, you can have a look here: Twitter handle @Master9Eyes or visit www.Master9Eyes.com. Make sure to join their Discord for the latest announcements on all things M9E.

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