Splat Toys poised to launch their “Splat” Artist Series Kickstarter very soon!

The folks behind Splat Toys have some exciting news to share about their upcoming Kickstarter are gearing up for! Their blob character “Splat” is a 3D canvas for an upcoming artist edition that features a stacked cast of established and rising artists as they each have designed their out Splat figure! Featuring work from 10 different artists, which include: Christopher Luke, Goopmassta, King_Gonga, Zero Productivity, Nooneevergetsit, Flying Fortress, Playful Gorilla, Nathan Hamill, Angel Once, Yodamatt, with additional accessories designed by Legendary Builds. This Kickstarter is slated to launch on February 28th and will have some great tier levels to pledge towards! Each figure retails for $25 a piece with early bird specials and other bundles available as options... visit their Instagram as well as their Kickstarter page to get the most up to date info on the launch!

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