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Scott Tolleson's 'Imperial Lotus Dragon' releasing through VeVe!

Scott Tolleson has teamed up with the folks over at VeVe once again and has an awesome release dropping tomorrow, February 2nd at 8am PST... as he brings his Imperial Lotus Dragon to the VeVe platform. "In Autumn, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, you can follow the sacred river into the wildwood. Deep inside, you’ll find a hidden pond. There lies the Imperial Lotus Dragon. But be warned, do not venture into the shadows for there are other dragons that bloom. Some that wish to remain unbothered..." Releasing as: Imperial Lotus Dragon (Common - Editions: 3,888), Torch Dragon (Uncommon - Editions: 2,888), Jade Dragon (Rare - Editions: 1,888), and Gold Dragon (Ultra Rare - Editions: 888)... you have a chance at snagging these, but they are limited in numbers.

Get ready to add to the excitement of drop day with the VeVE blind box offerings! These digital collectibles will be available for purchase as a blind box, meaning you won’t know which rarity you have acquired until after your successful purchase. From there, you can continue to expand your collection with additional blind boxes, or interact with other users in the Market to complete your set. This is an NFT space, and VeVe does collecting differently as they sell their products through GEMS. Grab the app HERE and get ready!

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