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FUBY - A new vinyl toy by Tixinda x Chakaltois!

Designed by Tixinda and made by Chakaltois, a new vinyl toy is born... introducing FUBY! This is a character that mixes kawaii, pre-Hispanic heritage, a kaiju, Godzilla and an avocado - yeah, when we say it mixes, it mixes alot! At 7" tall, this cute character appears in 2 colorways (for now), chocolate-scented BROWN and bubblegum-scented PINK. I have always been a fan of scented vinyl, so it's cool to see them doing that with this project.

The packaging really stands out to me... as not only does this comes in a really striking box, but the large figure comes wrapped in a colored foil, that reminds me of an actual piece of chocolate or candy - the look/feel that they were going for on this, and they nailed it! If you are interested in picking one up, contact Tixinda directly via their Facebook or Instagram!

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