COARSE presents - False Friends: You Used Yo Be My Light!

"Lightning never strikes the same place twice unless you live inside the storm." noop can’t take it anymore: A tumultuous friendship, never-ending rainfall, a storm that only gets stronger. It is time for him to walk away, but he has been inside the darkness so long he doesn’t know which way is out. Just as paw!’s lightning comes raining down—another attempt at striking noop and keeping him where he is—it illuminates the road ahead and gives noop the chance to leave. Only after he has escaped does he wonder: Was that paw!’s plan all along?

False Friends – You Used To Be My Light from COARSE is an 18" tall glow-in-the-dark, gravity-defying sculpture about the impossibility of letting go of someone even when the forecast shows a lifetime of misery ahead. This GID edition offers hope for noop, giving him a way out of his own thoughts and memories, which swirl around him like a typhoon. Each order comes with a night-black paw! with glow-in-the-dark accents, his menacing raincloud illuminating the darkness, and a melancholic noop braving the storm. Wet from the rain, a mix of colors rush down noop’s face and chest. A removable double-stitched raincoat with functioning zippers, drawstrings, and a rear air vent protects noop keeps noop safe and dry. A ladder reinforced with magnets ensures paw!’s safety as he stands on his toes, looming over his long-lost companion. These will be limited to just 234 pieces and will be up for sale HERE on March 1st at 7:59am PST for $398 a set!

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