“TR!X” Lucky Rabbits Foot resin art multiple from L2B Creationz!

Next in line of iconic characters to drop from L2B Creationz (Los Angeles based) is “TR!X” LUCKY RABBITS FOOT! The notion that having a rabbits foot for good luck is really a one way street. Sadly thrown to the side as Spare Parts, you get the choice to keep “TR!X” LUCKY RABBITS FOOT or give it back to that poor rabbit. “TR!X” LUCKY RABBITS FOOT is a hand sculpted, resin casted, hand painted, DESIGNER ART TOY and each toy is made using high pressurized polyurethane resin. Crafted by hand and embellished with acrylic paint and varnish.

This character measures at 5” tall of mischief and comes with 1 RABBIT, 1 LUCKY CHARM and 1 LIMITED EDITION STICKER. “TR!X” LUCKY RABBITS FOOT will be dropping HERE this coming Tuesday, January 11th at 1:11am PST! This toy is a exclusively signed collectible, limited to a small run of 11... so, “GOOD LUCK”!

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