Beach Bus 'Jungle' edition from Candylab Toys!

I started following Candylab Toys earlier this year on most their social sites (Instagram & Facebook) as their simple designs really hit me right in the feels, and their most recent release, well, it's too cool not to post (and I will try to do the same for their upcoming releases as well) - it's their Beach Bus in what they are calling the "Jungle" edition!
Crafted out of solid beech wood, water-based paint and clear urethane coating this Beach Bus can be displayed three ways! The modular, magnetic construction allows for a 3-in-1 configuration, with each style a distinct personality: A workhorse pick-up, a Beach Surf van, or a Camper pop-top... and each Beach Bus comes with a unique magnetic surfboard that complements its colorway. It magnetically snaps to the roof or flatbed of the truck. Measuring 6.5" L x 3.7" W x 3.3" H, you can pick one up HERE for $48 a pop... but be careful, these collectibles are addicting - don't say i didn't warn you!

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