Clutter Gallery presents: Thirty-Three! a RunDMB Solo Show!!

David Bishop, AKA RunDMB, is a UK-based illustrator, and designer... he has teamed up with Clutter for an awesome solo show entitled 'Thirty-Three!', and is ready to rock some socks! His iconic style comes from his love of Posca pens and his amazing talent at finding and enhancing a toys true form. Known the world over as a crusher of custom toys, his work is both clean and energetic, and a must-have for any serious toy collection... and as you can see from the small bit of previews we have in this post, he really has brought his stylistic 'A' game to the table - WOW! Sales will be offered first to Clutter's preview list subscribers. To sign up for the list, please hit this link HERE and an email will be sent out at 9am PST with a link to the preview - Sales begin at 11am PST.

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