Fools Paradise announces the pre-sale of their EARTHMAN // XL vinyl figure!

I swear, every time I receive an email from Fools Paradise, I know I am in for a visual treat... and this latest one, it sure does not disappoint! Take a look at EARTHMAN // XL... the new take on an old release from Fools Paradise! We first saw the release of EARTHMAN as a handmade edition back in 2012, which had a more realistic look to it, then... in 2015, they took the realism to a new level and dissected EARTHMAN in a manor very similar to this new one. Now we get the classic take with a cartoony twist as we see this massive 24" tall vinyl figure come to life with the likeness of Mario mashed together with a 1/2 bunny rabbit skeleton... this thing is crazy cool! Up for pre-order HERE right now for $335(shipped), snag one up right now (Ships on 1st Quarter of 2022).

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