Strangecat Toys presents: "Haven't We Met Before" - A Solo exhibition featuring Chris RWK!

Strangecat Gallery is excited to announce the opening of "Haven't We Met Before" - a solo exhibition featuring new works from artist Chris RWK! Launching tonight - August 6th at 7pm EST (online HERE at 10pm EST), there will be an array of awesome new works up for grabs and on display which includes alot of mixed media wall pieces, custom vinyl toys, a special edition t-sirt, and a massive 4' tall "Kid in cat suit" sculpture! Those attending the gallery event may come to the gallery 9am opening day to get an advanced purchase ticket that will save your stop in line. Each person may purchase 1 item at a time and requeue to make additional purchases... oh, and Chris RWK will be in attendance, so that's rad!

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