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Juce Gace X Flawtoys: A Stranger Awakening (Red, Green and Blue variant) to debut at DesignerCon London!

Juce Gace and Flawtoys have a big surprise for visitors at DesignerCon London... their first collab ever, a clear naughty resin piece coming in 3 colorways - introducing the A Stranger Awakening (Red, Green and Blue variant)! Standing almost 8" tall, this clear resin figure has a naughty twist... this figure meshes the 2 artists styles together in one interesting designer toy! That being said, due to some factory issues and complex UK customs, they will have only 1 piece per colorway for display at the DesignerCon London and will take only 12 orders per colorway there (ready to be shipped just after the show). They will alson have a online release later for the remaining pieces!

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