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New vinyl GURU figure from Chogrin... introducing the 'Kevin Smith: Guru Askew'!!!

Ecuadorian artist and storyteller, CHOGRIN, presents Kevin Smith: Guru Askew, his latest vinyl toy and second addition to his film director "GURU" toy series from Unruly Industries. These will be available in 3 editions: Regular "Clerks" edition - (Red)ible edition - Dope (Green) edition! CHOGRIN mentions "Growing up in the 90s I never thought that one day I'd be making a toy paying tribute to one of my creative heroes. Guru Askew is my tribute to Kevin Smith's universe and the many different entrepreneurial hats he has worn over the years. From filmmaking, writing comics, to podcasting, Kevin's trailblazing has allowed and inspired indie filmmakers and artists to get high off their own supply as well. And so, I proudly present to you Kevin Smith, Guru Askew!" These vinyl figures stand about 7" tall and will retail for approx. $80 a pop (price is still TDB). Love the way this turned out and how each arm has an icon from some of Kevin's most memorable movies! Gotta give a shoutout to Matthew J Black for the sculpt on this (some October Toys throwback love)!

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