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*REVIEW* BlownUps! from Jabberwocky Toys... collectible vinyl bop bags for your desk!

BlownUps! from Jabberwocky Toys are a fun kinetic licensed collectible art figure that characterizes pop culture icons from yesterday and today. Standing approximately 6", Blown Ups! have a weighted design, making them fun to flick, spin, play and interact with. They’ll just wobble and spin around, unless you choose to really bop them... and as you can see in the video above, they really are a ton of fun and the possibilities are endless!
With an iconic bop bag shape, Blown Ups! appear to be inflatable, right down to the wrinkles and folds but the patented design and valve is purely just for show. They’re actually made of hard vinyl and their arms rotate 360° for added entertainment. Blown Ups! art figures are the first interactive vinyl collectible with hundreds of your favorite pop culture characters planned for release... and the best part, most are just $20 a pop! Head on over to their site HERE to snag some up and be sure to follow them on Instagram for up to date release news!

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