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JPK x DR76 x Martian Toys - The 'King’s Will' Ouroboros vinyl to debut at COMPLEXLAND!

Jon-Paul Kaiser, King of the custom, exerts his will on the artist series Dragon76 Ouroboros 6” vinyl platform from Martian Toys... and the results are amazing! Handprinted original, then expertly replicated for a limited edition production run... this features perfect linework, supreme balances of light and dark, and the mind melting shimmer of silver bring this 'King’s Will' to COMPLEXLAND! Limited to 200 pieces, this will be available on Thursday, June 17th at 9am PST through the Complexland virtual convention portal and along with this release, you can also snag up a JPK shirt bundle (toy/shirt) for $120! Gather round as you have been summoned. The King’s Will be Heard!

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