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'Red Gumball Machine' TEQ63 from Quiccs & Martian Toys!!! #TEQTUESDAY

There is nothing quite like getting a gumball out of a novelty coin machine when you are a kid... and now that most of us are old enough to remember those feels, why not tap into that nostalgia with the soon to be released 'Red Gumball Machine' TEQ63 from Quiccs and Martian Toys?!?! Limited to just 300 pieces and release HERE this coming Tuesday, May 18th at 9am PST for $90 a pop... be sure you can multitask with this one, meaning, walk and chew gum at the same time... or should we say checkout fast AND chew gum, as this one is sure to move - oh, and yes the gumballs come out of the head and yes they have a bulletpunk logo printed on every gumball! Don’t eat them however!

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