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Year of the Ox Android release announced from Andrew Bell!!! #Android #LunarNewYear #AndrewBell

True to form for the last 12 months, Andrew Bell has had some bad luck with the remaining Year of the Ox Androids! Unfortunately a portion of his shipment usually set aside for non-Googler sales (i.e. most of us!) went missing and has been written off by UPS as officially lost. On the plus side, he still has some pre-sorted stock that will be available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting on March 3rd at 8am PST! What does that mean? Well, instead of a 50% chance of scoring a gold edition, it's more like... 98%. There may be a few black ones mixed in there (they're sealed, and can't be 100% sure) but Andrew will be pulling most of these from stock he knows to be the gold variant.

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