Mighty Jaxx presents: Nubbies - Sesame Street

Introducing a new blindbox collection of scan-and-play collectible figures from Mighty Jaxx, the Nubbies: Sesame Street! Standing at only 2” tall, these pocket-sized Sesame Street characters are small and adorable, but they sure are mighty fun! The real joy begins when you scan your Nubbies on the Mighty Jaxx app, unlocking a digital world of fun where you can feed and interact with them. You can even share your scores and challenge your friends on the leaderboard! Each Nubbies: Sesame Street character comes with its own unique features in the game, so be sure to collect all 10 of them! With 7 regular characters, 2 rare and 1 ultra-rare, increase your chances of completing the collection when you order a tray of 12. (SALES OF THIS ITEM IS LIMITED TO SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, TAIWAN, HONG KONG, PHILIPPINES, INDONESIA, & CHINA ONLY. - so get your mules) These are slated to go on sale HERE this Wednesday, March 24th at 6am PSR for $8.99 each or $107.88 (tray of 12)!

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