Introducing The venu — A new platform designer figure from Kyle Kirwan!

Artist Kyle Kirwan has been on a roll recently, making waves with his new 'The Brick' vinyl figure and now... something we have seen him tease in the past (if you follow him on Instagram)... introducing The venu — A new platform designer figure from Kyle Kirwan! The first colorway, venu Number Zero, is the product of obsessive attention to detail and showcases the figure’s pristine silhouette in an understated, classic black finish. This figure is 6" tall of rotocast resin and features 3 points of articulation... but before you think you will be able to customize this, you may want to think again.

Seeing as limited as this is, just 10 pieces made, it's more of an art piece... and the price tag reflects that. Retailing for $250 a pop... this figure is more collectible than DIY at this point. That being said, hopefully, one day, this makes the leap to vinyl so that the cost can be more consumer friendly to allow for people all over the world to partake in the DIY goodness that this new platform holds! If you want to add one to your collection, head on over HERE this Saturday, April 3rd at 9am PST to pick one up!

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