Grizzli Atom's PLAGUE DOCTOR edition and One-off Handpaints from Toy Art Gallery!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present a release of GRIZZLI ATOM Handpaints! Toy designer, sculptor, customizer and painter Grizzli Atom's signature style is emblazoned on a variety of TAGTOYS favorites, including one-offs of Tahkon, Mandrake Root, Baphomaniac, and a micro-run of Griz's own Plague Doctor! Grizzli Atom's PLAGUE DOCTOR Micro-run ($55 each) • Doktor A's MANDRAKE ROOT Grizzli Atom Handpaint One-off ($75) • RecycleC's TAKHON Grizzli Atom Handpaint One-off ($75) • Martin Ontiveros's BAPHOMANIAC Grizzli Atom Handpaint One-off ($85)! The GRIZZLI ATOM Handpaints drop HERE this Friday, March 12th at 12Noon PST!

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