New from ANONYMOUS RAT... Peach Man Sofubi Circus Bros., Winter Edition!!!

ANONYMOUS RAT is at it again! The Chicago-based toymaker is glad to announce their latest release, the Peach Man Sofubi Circus Bros., Winter Edition! Available in two unique colorways, these big-booty peachy delights are each a limited edition of just 15 pieces. Peach Man is designed & sculpted by No. 1 Ratty, produced by Anonymous Rat, and manufactured in Japan by Lulubell Toy Bodega!
These playful Peach Men are made out of pure transparent Japanese Sofubi and filled with blue glitter for a fun twist on falling snowflakes. Each Peach Man represents his favorite colors, with stylized hair and matching pants! These fashionistas are ready to cheer you up and put on an unforgettable edition of this winters’ show, “Peach Man and the Giant Duck!” Set your clocks to Wednesday, February 10th at 11:00 am CST / 1:00 am GMT+8, and head on over to Anonymous-Rat.com to purchase your Peach Men for just $50 a pop! All US orders placed on 2/10 will arrive on Saturday, 2/13, via FedEx, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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