MAD x UVD Toys - "Mad'L Citizens" are coming... are you ready?!?!

Back in April of 2020, I teased an upcoming project from the folks over at UVD Toys HERE as they were planning a new figure with Jeremy 'MAD' Madl... and I was very excited to see just a glimpse of what sculptor Oasim Karmieh shared. Fast forward to today, and we get a much more revealing photo of what is being called the "Mad'L Citizens"! A new iteration of MAD's classic MAD*L figure is very awesome to see and from the looks of it, we are getting different bodies and heads that might just be interchangeable?!?! Now... I'd be lying if I told you all I didn't know anything about this project because I have seen so many amazing designs and editions of this figure... so trust me when I say sit back and hold tight, this is going to be one awesome figure. More on the release soon with details to follow!

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