James Groman's FOSSIL PODS Clear Purple Painted edition from Toy Art Gallery!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present a new edition of James Groman's FOSSIL PODS! Each FOSSIL POD mashes up a bug and a dino into a small but deadly package. The FOSSIL PODS are roughly 2" long and feature exceptional sculpted detail. Designed and sculpted by James Groman and produced by Toy Art Gallery. The CLEAR PURPLE PAINTED Edition features the quintet in clear purple soft vinyl with pink, blue, and black sprays with a purple rub. The FOSSIL PODS are Tricerabeetle, Mosquitodactyl, Tyrannonmantis, Brontopillar, and Saurpian and these will be up for grabs HERE on Friday, January 29th for $15 each and/or $65 a set!

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