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ATOMAHAWK Kickstarter by Donny Cates, Ian Bederman, and DoomCo Designs!

ATOMAHAWK superstar creators Donny Cates and Ian Bederman have teamed up with DoomCo Designs to rip The CYBERZERKER and his titular, mighty ATOMAHAWK from their traditional tattooed landscape into the real world, through the mediums of lush soft vinyl and cast resin! Will you join this designer toy cyber-warrior on its quest to free his imprisoned God? Head on over to Kickstarter HERE right now to place up an offering to appease Cyberzerker!

The Standard CYBERZERKER towers over other toy collections at 10 inches tall, contains 6 points of articulation, is wrought from steely grey soft vinyl with custom paint jobs by Ian Bederman, and is designed in virtual reality by Kent Fremon of DoomCo Designs, with production handled by Squibbles Ink! What CYBERZERKER wouldn't be complete without his trusty, blood-crystal soaked, red resin ATOMAHAWK, complete with every standard edition of the figure? The KICKSTARTER for this cyber-barbarian is available HERE, and runs until 12/28/20!

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