Kill Kat: Dirty Rotten Apple edition & King Size Matcha Snake Venom... new from Andrew Bell!

Move over Pumpkin Spice, the new favorite fall flavor is Dirty Rotten Apples! Andrew Bell is back and has collected only the softest and most decayed apples off the ground to make this 100% organic* edition Kill Kat!* not actually organic, or made of apples... or an actual food. Do not eat. The Kill Kat 'Dirty Rotten Apple' edition is coming soon to retailers everywhere and we’ll have some available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting on Halloween, Saturday the 31st at 11am EDT for just $45 a pop!

Staying green, also newly available at retailers is the King Size edition of the Matcha Snake Venom Kill Kat! Towering with terror at almost 15” tall, this King Size edition is brimming with more venom than ever and fortified with Vitamin Hiss... look at that size comparison - WOW! These will retail for $129!

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