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Devils HEad Productions... HALLOWEEN drops announced!

"Bonfires burning bright...pumpkin faces in the night...I remember Halloween." or for those of you who don't speak "Misfits"... it's almost time to party over HERE! Everything goes on sale October 31st from Devils Head Productions! First up... ADAMD (酔 獣) "HALLOWEEN VOMIT" 2020: It's been a hell of a year so let's end it with a BANG! The one and only "drunk animal - beer monster" finally makes his debut. It looks like our hero mixed a bit too much candy and beer in preparation for his big day, resulting in a bit of a mess. Cast in green GID (glow in the dark) with gold glitter marbled with bubblegum pink vinyl these are definitely sickly sweet... $30 each!

BLUE GID APALALA: HMMMMM...this vinyl...this paint...it looks familiar...that's because it is the same in both cases to the first painted Mara run! Cast in electric blue vinyl infused with glitter, these monsters have been painted up with hits of orange, navy, grey/blue, silver, metallic blue, metallic green, tan and white paints. Get one of these in direct sunlight for 10 minutes or so, then watch it glow for hours! $100 each - *NOTE: As a SPECIAL BONUS for you unpainted fans, there will 2 blanks with orange glass eyes also available. These are sure to go fast.

"MONSTER MASH" HALLOWEEN JIZO-ANARCHO: I found a small batch of these minty green vinyl with green glitter blanks buried in a box. They have been brought back to life with green, white, blue and brown paint just in time for Halloween. $30 each...made in Japan...painted in the USA. Not intended for children under 14 years old.

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