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Tenacious Toys exclusive MCA Evil Ape BLUE edition announced!!!

Tenacious Toys is teaming up with art toy producer UVD Toys once again to drop another exclusive vinyl art toy: the Evil Ape Fink 4" figure designed by legendary street artist MCA! With a long history in the art toy industry dating back to 2005, Boston-based MCA has been active in the street art and sticker scene well before that. MCA's Evil Ape designs have graced Qees, Trexis, Dunnys and many more art toys, but, as Tenacious Toys CEO Benny Kline points out, "It's far more interesting and authentic to see MCA's signature character represented in its true sculptural form, as opposed to simply applied as paint deco to another company's standard platform toy shape." For Tenacious Toys, UVD produced 100 units of a BLUE color variant of the Evil Ape Fink 4" vinyl figure. They are priced at $60 each and will be available on the UVD Collection page of TenaciousToys.com at 9am PST this Thursday, September 10th.

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