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Jukebox Vinyl presents: Real Eye-Ron Head & Memoirs of Geisha- Sadako vinyl heads from Monstermind!!!

The man behind the scenes... has multiple identities and it's hard for for the folks over at Jukebox Vinyl to put him into one specific category! He is a designer, he is a sculptor, he is a painter as well as a producer! MonsterMind has been working in the vinyl toy industry for over a decade before creating his own toy brand in 2018. The signature Real Eyeron Head (Collection one version), which comes in a detachable helmet, combines the historical Japanese Samurai and Yokai (ghost) elements together, has become exceptionally popular. There are also new characters like Real Head Daruma and Geisha which also contributes to MonsterMind! Darumas bring in good fortune whilst Memoirs of Geisha- Sadako (Collection One edition with Jukebox Vinyl) makes a good couple with the Samurai! Monstermind has stretched innovation and creativity further, where soft vinyl art toys have been produced in different styles and diversities. Both sitting 2.5" tall and set to release HERE on Wednesday, September 9th at 2pm PST... don't miss out!

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