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TIRAN23 6" Vinyl Figure Details and Kickstarter!!!

TIRAN23 is an interstellar being that is awoken from his comatose state unaware of who or where he is. With the ability to jump through multiple dimensions, he travels to the past, present, and future in search for his creator and others like him. Join three brothers from Chicagoland as they take you on a creative journey through time and space. They have created TIRAN23 to act as a creative outlet to showcase their designs and ideas while bringing a piece that they believed their collection was missing to life. Along the way, they joined forces with Shawn Schinault at Schinault-Design to assist with logos, graphics, packaging and overall guidance on how they can showcase their creativity and pursue their dream of creating a production piece of their own.

Every TIRAN23 colorway is accompanied by its own unique story line from a specific time period that reveals more about TIRAN23's journey. For those collectors who like to mix and match their collection, they've designed TIRAN23 to have interchange jetpacks, whether you like their colorways or want to design one of your own. The official Kickstarter launch date is Saturday, August 15th, 2020. TIRAN23 is a 6” vinyl toy and will be available in three colorways: OG Black, OG White, and Magma. There are packages that will include Kickstarter exclusive enamel pins and TIRAN23 prints. For any of the artist out there that want to showcase their creativity, they are also offering a package that includes a blank TIRAN23 with extra interchangeable jetpacks. For the chrome collectors out there, they will also be offering a limited-edition black chrome TIRAN23 package. During the week leading up to the Kickstarter, tune into their Instagram @TIRANJOURNEYTOYS as they host TIRAN23 giveaways and unveil more Kickstarter details!

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