Gashadokuro 8" Plush Guts Dunny Art Figure... BLACK edition from Kidrobot!!!

Gashadokuro, a Japanese word which translates to “starving skeleton,” are mythological creatures from Japanese culture that are believed to be the spirits of people who starved to death or who died in battle but were not given proper burials. This 8” Kidrobot Dunny with its X’d out eyes that indicate death in the cartoon world and it’s plush broken heart, visible from within the figure’s clear shell, hint at a tragic ending for this mortal’s life, now trapped in the form of a Dunny with a plush body and an embroidered glow-in-the-dark circulatory system. A perfect a conversation piece, or for your ever-expanding Dunny collection. This Black edition is a Kidrobot.com exclusive and limited edition of 500 worldwide. Get it HERE right now while supplies last!

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